Irrigation water management, nutrient solutions and fertilizers

The importance of nutrients in precision agriculture

Analysis system to control macronutrient NT Sensors, SL It is ideal for fertigation optimization tool. On place to measure the ionic concentration of a nutrient solution in a simple manner, with the accuracy of a laboratory analysis provides the necessary information for the control cultivation.
Proper management of nutrients levels is essential to ensure optimal fertilization and production crops. Systems allow analysis of NT Sensors know exact levels of most macro-nutrients to speak with agronomic benefits and technical level this means.

Control on the cultivation

The AGRO products online - NUTRI NT Sensors allow going beyond traditional measures of pH and conductivity. A comprehensive real-time control and make the farmer can act quickly and specifically about their culture, without sending samples to the laboratory for analysis.
From a water extract of soil the ionic concentration of the soil is measured in relation to the major nutrient requirements of cultivation
Better performance in cultivation
Increased production
Increased product quality
Optimizing the use of fertilizer.
Save time and money
Our analysis teams provide insight into the ionic strength of the leachate (drainage) that are not used by crops, in order to know which items are wasting and how much. In this regard it should be remembered that the current legislation prohibits a spill containing more than 50 parts per million (mg • L-1 p: v). Nitrate (NO3-)

Easy and intuitive measure
Without reagent consumption / by sample A single calibration
No pretreatment of the sample Unaffected by color
Not affected by turbidity of the sample Not affected by the presence of suspended particles
Validated by the Polytechnic University of Madrid!Compact and lightweight

Products avaliable

Nutri ONE

Measurement of 1 nutrient

Nutri TWO

Measurement of 2 nutrients

Multi ION

Measurement of 6 parameters simultaneously